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Because very young children develop so quickly, we have created a special room just for our 12-18 month olds. Here they are able to move around in a larger area which promotes walking skills and independence.

Allow your child to explore in our Grover Room for ages 12-18 months

In the Grover Room your child has just started walking and learning how to move around. In this room, there is more area to move, explore and develop their walking skills and independence.


The children begin to learn simple sign language. Language is just beginning at this age but not complete so this gives the child another way to communicate his/her basic wants and needs.


Toys and books are all at the child's level so as to provide the children the ability to search, find, try and make choices. We feel the more a child plays, the better the child’s development grows. Simple colors and shapes are also introduced at the age level.


Communication in the Grover Room is done with daily sheets. At drop off, you fill in your portion letting us know the last time your child ate, slept, and if he/she needs any medication. As the day goes on, our staff fills in your child’s eating times, nap lengths, diapering times, as well as what they did during the day. Then, at the end of the day, the daily sheet is sent home with the child.


We like to keep pictures of you and your family easily accessible for your child to look at any time of the day to help your child feel at home and close to family throughout the day.


The Center has a playground fenced for this age group, which allows the children to go outside and never be overrun by the other older children. There are also lots of fun outside toys for this age group including cozy coupes, balls and sand toys.

Caring support promotes healthy children

We believe outside play time is extremely important which is why we provide a special playground for our little ones.

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