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Give your little one the head start he or she needs in our Twiddlebug Room! Our caring staff will ensure that your child is never left unattended while we encourage them to develop positive social and motor skills.

Exception care in our Twiddlebug Room for ages 0-12 months

Children 0-12 months enjoy his/her day in the Twiddlebug Room. Once children start walking they are transitioned to the Grover Room for the safety of themselves and the other children in the room that are still enjoying tummy time.


Children in the Twiddlebug Room do most of their exploring with his/her hands and mouths so it is very important that the toys are always put in a cleaning container after each child puts it down. The toys are sanitized before another child is allowed to play with it.


Sunrise-Sunset works with the schedule you have set forth for your child. We feel it is very important to keep the same schedule you set for your child for naps, bottle feedings, tummy time, reading time and cuddling time.


Each child has his/her own crib and is never left unattended.


Parents provide the bottles, formula/breast milk, diapers and wipes. Sunrise-Sunset supplies the vegetable & fruit baby food, and rice & oatmeal cereal. Each child's bottles are labeled and washed in the Center’s commercial dishwasher each day.


Communication in the Twiddlebug Room is done with daily sheets. At drop off, you fill in your portion letting us know the last time your child ate, slept, and if he/she needs any medication. As the day goes on, our staff fills in your child’s eating times, nap lengths, diapering times, as well as what they did during the day. Then, at the end of the day, the daily sheet is sent home with the child.


Our staff believes that your child needs time to stretch, grow, and develop independently, which is why children spend no more than only 30 minutes per day in restrictive equipment such as bouncers, swings or jumpers.

Full-time childcare for working parents

We offer FREE consultations on childcare services.

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Exceptional Services:

• Transportation

• Outside activity

• Independency development

• Social & Motor skills encouragement and exploration